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This has been an unprecedented winter and farmers around the country are starting to run out of fodder through no fault of their own. A terrible Autumn meant that farmers, particularly in the west of Ireland did not get their second cut down and as a result, they were short early in the winter. 

Many of the farmers who are struggling now, are struggling because they answered the pleas of those farmers in the west and assumed that the weather might actually display some sort normal seasonal pattern. Unfortunately, Irish weather likes to keep everyone guessing and we have also had a disastrous spring with low temperatures and high rainfall which is suppressing grass growth and ensuring that cattle stay housed for far longer than was planned. 

Using technology to help with the Fodder Crisis

As part of the farming community, we decided that we would try and use our technology platform to help connect farmers who need fodder with farmers who want to buy it. We used our technology platform, the Herdwatch app, to make contact with our thousands of farmer members across Ireland. We asked them if they had any fodder to sell or if they needed to buy some. We then gather that information and posted it on a web-page which you can access by clicking on the buttons below. 


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If you can spare a few bales or know anyone that can, please direct them towards our website. A few bales could make a big difference to some farmers right now. 


Remember to look after your own Health 

If you are feeling under pressure, make sure to talk to someone whether its a friend, relative or a doctor. It's a tough time of year but the weather will change soon, grass will start growing and normal activity will return. 

Teagasc: Over the weekend, farmers can phone or text 087 7971377 to speak to a Teagasc person for assistance.

Health Support Services  

  • If you are feeling unwell,  contact your Doctor.
  • Samaritans 24 hour support phone 1850 609090 delivered by volunteers.
  • Pieta House Helpline 1800247247 (Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm/ Saturday 10am to 2pm).
  • St Patricks Hospital Mental health helpline (01-24933333) (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).




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