Meet your winter feed demands

From snowstorms to drought, the severe changing weather of 2018 has put pressure on fodder stocks, impacting all livestock enterprises throughout Ireland. For months farmers battled with the changing weather conditions to try and build a fodder reserve.



Thankfully, August and September weather provided excellent growing conditions which has helped to partially mend the fodder gap in some areas. However, a significant shortfall in winter feed still remains across Ireland.

Statistics presented in the most recent census, carried out in September, indicated that the national fodder deficit stands at three million tonnes or an average farm deficit of 11%.

Farmers are urged not to ignore this problem as fodder supplies for purchase are likely to be quite limited through the winter. Choosing to ignore this problem til a later date may result in major difficulties for farmers next spring.

To prevent this crisis the first action farmers should take is to calculate their current available fodder. This can be done using a winter fodder calculator.




The winter fodder calculator was created to help you prepare for the winter months ahead. The calculator is aimed at protecting farmers ensuring they have sufficient fodder this winter.

Quiet simply the fodder calculator will allow you calculate how much fodder you need based on your stock numbers and the length of your winter. It will tell you whether you have a shortage or surplus. Urgency of action is essential now to ensure winter feed demands can be met.

At Herdwatch we are passionate about making life easier for farmers. By ensuring your fodder reserve is sufficient gives farmers one less thing to worry about as they face the eventualities of this year's winter. We might not be able to control the weather, but we are able to control your farm management. 


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