Game-Changing Partnership: Herdwatch teams up with rugby farmers mart for a thrilling buying & selling journey

We have some exciting news to share with you all!


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We have teamed up with Rugby Farmers Mart (RFM – The Midlands Mart) to bring you an exciting new feature. You can now add animals for sale directly to Rugby market, view upcoming catalogues for sales and browse what’s coming up – all for free with your Herdwatch account.
Animal details pull through directly from your account, so all you need to do is select the ones you want to sell & add photos and videos. You can add in lot number & sale date too – opening up your buyer pool before the go through the ring.

Mart Manager, Tom Wrench, explains how "RFM are excited to announce an exciting collaboration with Herdwatch. Marketing of Stock at the point of Sale is something that we at RFM believe needs to constantly evolve in order to keep, one of the oldest forms of Sales, the live ring System, relevant." He continues by saying "the Herdwatch Platform will allow Vendors to select, and pre-air the details of Stock they have to Market in advance of the Sale date. Information such as Age, TB Status and Medications can allow buyers to travel to Purchase Stock with full disclosure. The forward thinking system of a  CRM is something that can only be of great assistance in management to Buyers and Sellers and we hope to expand our use of Herdwatch within the Market.


How do I View Cattle being sold at RFM?

To view adverts on the Buy & Sell App of cattle heading to Rugby Farmers mart go into the Herdwatch app on your phone. 

  1. Click on Buy & Sell from the Home screen in the App
  2. Select Browse Listings
  3. Click on "Filter Results" on the bottom of the screen
  4. Click on "Mart Provider" and select "Rugby Farmers Mart"


How do I create a FREE Advert for RFM Sale?

To create your FREE Ad on Herdwatch and advertise your cattle going to RFM:

1.   Click on Buy & Sell from the Home screen in the App
2.   Select Create Listing
3.   Add animal details as required
4.   Click on "Price Description" and select "Going to Mart"
5.   Select Rugby Farmers Mart from dropdown.


View More Adverts by Clicking this Link



You will also be able to view the catalogue of upcoming sales in the future which will give you chance to view potential new cattle but also enable other farmers to view your stock.









If you would like to create your FREE Advert today simply Download the Herdwatch app and create you advert today with zero commission!

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