Herdwatch goes live!

Got calves to register? Remedies to record? If so please read on!

We are delighted to announce that Herdwatch, a unique Mobile Herd Manager by FRS (Farm Relief Services), is now live, just in time for the height of the calving season! You will finally be able to register your calves in seconds, record remedy purchases and usage anytime, anywhere, and litterally have “Your Herd in Your Hand”.

Already, hundreds of calves have been registered successfully from Herdwatch on smartphones, tablets and laptops/PCs, yours could be next ;-)

As a special Launch offer, if you subscribe before 1st March 2014, you will get an extra month added to your subscription for free.

To find out what Herdwatch can do for you, visit this page.

Happy Herdwatch'in!

Find out more:

> Click here for pricing information or
> Text 'frs  herd' to 51444 or
Contact us


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