Herdwatch on track for upcoming Release

Beef & Dairy Farmers: The Herdwatch Team is working very hard & is on track for an upcoming release before the end of the year, so you can look forward to having "Your Herd in Your Hand" very soon!

Herdwatch has already been approved by the Department of Agriculture to automatically sync your Herd profile from the National Database, so you won't have to enter your animals one by one, and we are now working with the Department on the Calf Registration process.

We have not yet finalised pricing, but we can already announce that Herdwatch will definitely cost less than €100 inc. VAT per year, with a very special Launch offer in store for all you "Early Adopters" out there! Our commitment to you on pricing is: ALL Herdwatch features & updates on ALL your devices, ONE annual fee, no hidden costs or multiple modules to buy!

We will be update soon, in the meantime feel free to engage with us on www.twitter.com/herdwatch or www.facebook.com/herdwatch

Herdwatch Upcoming Release

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