All you need to know about Version 2

Just 10 months after Herdwatch first launched, we have just released our most ambitious and anticipated update, Version 2, bringing a leaner, meaner and faster Herdwatch with over 50 new features and improvements, FREE to all Herdwatch subscribers.

We have received fantastic feedback from many of the 600 farmers who have been using Version 1, but Version 2 is set to take Herdwatch to a whole new level!

The new Compliance Cert functionality has been approved by the Department of Agriculture, and the new App has now been submitted to Apple for review. All versions (iOS, Android, PCs & Laptops) will be released simultaneously in the next few days.

In the meantime, take a look at the highlights below, and if you haven't signed up yet, why not take advantage of our fantastic December offer (Details here)?

Version 2 highlights:

  • > Animal Groups: e.g. group by paddock, dairy herd, finishing etc
  • > Quantity tracking on Remedies based on Herdwatch records
  • > Apply for Compliance Certs and Notify Movements from Herdwatch
  • > Link to Dam/Sire/AI Bull details directly from Animal details
  • > New fast-mode Pregnancy Scan recording
  • > Withdrawn Animals reports now show expiry date & remedy
  • > Ability to select default animal sort (tag, age, freezebrand)
  • > Assumed Birth Weight used for ADG if none recorded in Herdwatch
  • > And much more! Click HERE for a full list of updates


IMG_0023 IMG_0021

You don't even have to wait to sign up, all core Herdwatch updates are FREE to all subscribers, so sign up online today or text "frs  herd" to 51444 if you'd like a call back.



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