How you can enhance your farm efficiency with an EID reader

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In the modern world, we see traditional farming methods constantly evolving, one particular game-changer in the field are EID readers. These handheld readers are a fantastic way to increase efficiency and save time on farms.

An EID reader is an electronic scanner that is capable of reading electronic ear tags on animals. This speeds up the process in many farming related tasks, such as weighing animals, monitoring health records, and tracking medicine administrations.

Of course, not all farmers will have a need for an EID reader, but they are a great tool to consider if you are looking to simplify your farming practices. To make things even more efficient on farm, Herdwatch is compatible with a number of EID readers, continue reading below to see which EID readers are compatible with Herdwatch and how to connect them.

Top benefits of EID readers

Animal Health: EID readers allow farmers to quickly scan electronic tags, and effortlessly track movements, identify specific health needs, and monitor the overall wellbeing of their animals. This efficiency not only saves time but also enhances the precision of data collection on farms.

Disease Spread: The ability to quickly identify any potential health concerns in a herd/flock is crucial in preventing the spread of disease on farm. EID readers give farmers the ability to quickly detect issues and identify anything unusual in an animal’s health history.


Operational Efficiency: EID readers help improve operational efficiency and transparency through accurate record keeping and offering a transparent view of each animals life cycle, this helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Herdwatch is currently compatible with the following EID readers:

  • Agrident AWR250 & AWR300
  • Agrident APR250, APR450 & APR600
  • Tru-Test SRS2 & XRS2
  • Shearwell SDL440 Reader (Android Only)
  • Gallagher HR5 (Android Only)

Connecting your reader to Herdwatch


  • Open the Herdwatch app and tap on the Bluetooth icon in the top right, accept any Bluetooth permissions that pop up.
  • Tap on 'Pair a new device'.
  • Select your device from the screen
    ​Note: It may take up to a minute for the device to appear.
  • Your reader should now be connected to Herdwatch.


Farmers can avail of the seamless integration between Herdwatch and their EID Reader to save more time on the farm every day. Sign-up and join the 21,000 other farmers improving productivity with Herdwatch today.

To find out more about EID reader connectivity call us today on 0505-34400


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