New to Herdwatch – Sheep Pregnancy Scanning

Herdwatch is excited to announce that you can now easily record sheep pregnancy scan results in the Herdwatch app with their new feature release! This new feature allows farmers to easily track and manage their flocks’ reproductive health leading to an improved lambing percentage and better ewe management around lambing. 


It is important to identify which ewes are pregnant, when they are due, and how many lambs they are due. It is also important to identify which ewes are empty. Knowing how many lambs a ewe will have, allows you to group and feed ewes accordingly to ensure they are receiving enough nutrients, and to ensure their body condition is optimal for lambing. 

In order to find this information, you must carry out sheep pregnancy scanning. This is done by simply using an ultrasound scanner to examine if the ewe is in lamb, when she is due, and how many lambs she is bearing. 

With the new release from Herdwatch, you can now add all your pregnancy scan results right into the Herdwatch app! This will help you to easily keep track of any breeding issues, empty ewes, implement a feeding plan for pregnant ewes and, group and manage ewes according to the number of lambs they are having.  

When adding scan results you can add a detailed pregnancy scan – including details such as number of lambs due, sire, gender, and more. Alternatively, you have the option to simply select the empty or pregnant status only. 

How to add pregnancy scan results
  1. Navigate to the home screen, tap the orange plus button (+).
  2. Scroll or search for ‘Pregnancy Scan.’
  3. Enter the details from the scan, press next and select the relevant animal(s).
  4. Select ‘Save.’
Sheep pregnancy scanning screen

Quickly view all your saved records from the pregnancy scanning to see which ewes are pregnant, the number of progeny expected or if a dam is empty.

  1. Navigate to the home screen, click on ‘Breeding’.
  2. Click on ‘Scan Results’.
  3. View all scans added to the app.

How can I get the app?

You can join over 21,000 happy farmers on Herdwatch by downloading the app and say goodbye to farm paperwork once and for all.

To get started on Herdwatch, click here to download the app from the App store or Play Store!

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