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#Agventions: The Tullamore show

The first annual Agventions competition in association with the Tullamore show has drawn to a close and we are happy to say that it has been a

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"Join the Herd" We are recruiting!

Do you love being active on social media and are you passionate about all things digital and farming? 

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#Agventions:  and the Winner is...

The first annual Herdwatch #Agventions competition in association with the Tullamore Show has drawn to a close. The competition has been a great

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#AGventors: Tony Bergin

Tony Bergin is a retired Dairy farmer from Co. Offaly, and very much an active innovator and inventor. The minute you get to meet Tony and shake
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Herdwatch presents: #AGventions

Have you ever invented or modified something to make life easier or safer on your farm?

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Make even better business decisions: Herdwatch Syncs With ICBF.

We know that getting all your farm records in one place is very important to you. Syncing your ICBF records have been a long requested feature by

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Keenan Open Day 2018

As you might know, we have attended the Keenan Open Day 2018 on June 20th.

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Use wormers only when necessary

If you control worms, it will allow your cattle to perform well and be free of clinical disease. But they are able to tolerate a certain amount of

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Increase wormer efficiency with correct usage

Use wormers correctly

To ensure the effectiveness of your wormer, and to avoid anthelmintic resistance on your farm, it is crucial to dose

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Understanding the different cattle wormers & how to reduce anthelmintic resistance on your farm

Following on from our previous blog on “Getting your worming strategy right”, we are now taking a look at the different types of cattle wormers

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