Take the pain out of Calf Registration


As a record-breaking calving season is in progress, the administrative burden of registering calves is back for dairy and suckler farmers. The good news is they can greatly reduce the burden this year with the award-winning Herdwatch App!

Hundreds of farmers are using Herdwatch, the quickest and easiest way to register calves “as it happens”, through their smartphone, in seconds.

Herdwatch was launched in February 2014 and is fully approved by both the Department of Agriculture and ICBF. Feedback from farmers has been extremely positive.

Jim, who runs a pedigree herd of 40 cows in Tipperary says “Once my calves hit the ground they are tagged, and I can enter the details of each calf on the phone straight away. That way I don’t need to worry about missing a registration”.

Over 5,000 calves were registered from Herdwatch in 2014 and Fabien Peyaud, co-founder of Herdwatch expects this figure to increase significantly this year: “With over 700 farmers now signed up, and growing daily, we expect calf registrations from Herdwatch to go through the roof this year, as more farmers realise the time-saving benefits of using our App.”

Waterford Calf Registration no pull up + approved

What are the other benefits of Herdwatch?

• It’s very easy to use, and works on most smartphones, tablets and even laptops and computers.

• Farmers can record remedies as they happen (Bord Bia compliant), manage their breeding, record weights and even manage cattle movement certs, anytime, anywhere.

• Most features also work offline, which means farmers with poor mobile coverage on their farm can still use the App.

• Farmers don’t even need to manually enter their animals as they are loaded directly into Herdwatch from the Department’s systems.

The cost of annual subscription to Herdwatch is just €130 (inc. VAT), and according to one Tipperary farmer already using the App “You could spend €130 with one slit in a bag of fertiliser, so for me it’s a no-brainer really, it’s worth every cent!”

Herdwatch is going from strength to strength and has recently won two major Awards, the 2014 Ploughing Championships Innovation Award for Software in Agriculture, and the Emerging New Business Award at the prestigious 2015 SFA (Small Firms Association) Awards.


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