Thousands of hours saved on farm paperwork

Dairy and Suckler Farmers around the country are saving thousands of hours by registering calves through a new farm app taking the farming world by storm, and recently featured on Newstalk. With 10,000 calves registered this February alone through the award-winning Herdwatch app, over 1,600 hours have already been saved on farm paperwork, and this trend is set to continue right throughout this record-breaking spring calving season.

For every 60 calves, a Dairy or Suckler Farmer can expect to save over 10 hours on calf registrations alone by using Herdwatch with no pen or paper involved. This doesn't even take into account cost savings (40 Euro in stamps alone) or time saved by reducing errors and not having to keep or look for handwritten notes.

Easy calf registration is only 1 of many time-saving benefits of going mobile with Herdwatch. Farmers can save even more time by applying for movement certs and notifying cattle movements straight from the App, and by recording remedies on the go, for complete peace of mind of being compliant at all times.

Herdwatch is the only Farming App that also allows herd keepers to download and sync their herd from the Department's systems, right from their smartphone, in seconds.


“We built the App to deliver an easy to use, value for money and mobile solution for busy farmers. We are very proud of how far Herdwatch has come, with almost 1,000 farmers already embracing this new, faster way of doing things.” said Fabien Peyaud, Herdwatch Co-founder.


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