Herdwatch presents: #AGventions

Have you ever invented or modified something to make life easier or safer on your farm?

Herdwatch in partnership with the Tullamore show are looking for innovative farmers to enter our inaugural Agventions competition.

We want to connect and reward farmers who have created innovative solutions to problems on their farm.  The farmer who puts forward the best invention or innovation will get a €250 cash prize from Herdwatch and will be entered in the National Inventions Competition which has a prize fund of €600.  

How does the competition work? 

  • All inventions and innovations are welcome. 
  • The Agvention can come from the farmer, an employee, spouse, partner, or sibling.  
  • All Agventions will be judged by both a popular vote via a voting system on our website and a judges panel
  • You can only vote an Agvention once
  • The winner will get a €250 cash prize
  • The two best runner's up will get a year added to their subscription. 
  • The winner will then be added to the Tullamore show National Inventions Competition where they are in with a chance to win a further €300 for first place, with second and third place also receiving €200 and €100 respectively.  
  • There are no restrictions of the type of invention or innovation, we would just like to see people coming forward with solutions that they have created to help them around the farm and that might be of use to other farmers

How do I enter? 

To enter, you simply follow the link below. 

  • Enter a picture of your Agvention
  • Add a description of what it does
  • Give a short overview of how you came up with the idea



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