Herdwatch profiled at EU level

EurActiv, the independent pan-European media network, released a Special Report this week entitled: "E-agriculture could save EU farmers time and money". This report was published in 12 European languages, and highlights the contribution technology such as Herdwatch is making to sustainability, as well as the quality of life of farmers.

In a recent interview with EurActiv, Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, talked about an "Agri-tech revolution" and the use of advanced IT at all stages in the food chain on the farm, through to processing and retailing, citing Herdwatch as an example. The story was picked up by various publications including Spanish National Newspaper El Pais! (Click here if you speak Spanish)


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“Such innovations will improve the quality of crop production, the quality of livestock health, but also, crucially, the quality of life for farmers,” he noted.

Fabien Peyaud, Herdwatch co-founder (with FRS Network), said "Compliance and traceability are key for EU consumer confidence, and therefore, it's critical to EU farm businesses trying to access new markets, but it is also an extra administrative burden on farmers which Herdwatch helps reduce greatly". "Our farmers never have to use pen or paper in order to be compliant", he added.

To read this Special Report in full, click here.


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