The benefits of going "Pro"

Testing without financial commitment

Making the transition from pen and paper to using an app to manage paperwork can be daunting for a lot of farmers. It takes both trust and commitment to successfully change a life-long habit.


herdwatch-035_smallUnderstanding how and why farmers make this transition is what has helped the Herdwatch farming app grow so quickly: In just 4 years, we have grown from a newcomer to being used on thousands of farms across Ireland and the UK.

We want all farmers to have the opportunity to take their farm management into the 21st century. That is why we decided to become the first farm management app to give a free version to all farmers.

In March 2018, we released version 5 of the app in Ireland. This also introduced our Free Plan. It allows farmers to get a taste of the Herdwatch app and paperless farm management without making any financial commitment. Just download the app, sign-in and you’re ready to go!

Some of the features include downloading your own herd, registering 5 calves, and recording some compliance information - like remedy purchases.


Going Pro vs. the Free Plan

The Free Plan lets farmers see what’s possible by using an app to manage their farm. But the Pro Plan is something else entirely!

It takes farm management to the next level, while also removing time consuming farm compliance paperwork.


But what is included?


DSC_0287_smallYou get the full remedies compliance package. Scan remedies into the app by using your phone’s camera, which makes the whole process simple and secure. Everything is fully approved by Bord Bia. So, come inspection time, you only print off the reports, and you’re good to go.

Use the full breeding manager: You receive push notifications when cows are due to come into heat or are due to repeat. This does have a big impact on getting your cows back in calf for quicker turnarounds.

Register an unlimited amount of calves. This makes the calving season a snap! Shoot a photo of the barcode on the tag, and the information flows directly into the app, avoiding any mistakes. You can also record missing tags.

Request paperless movement certs, and text them straight to other farmers.

Automatically synchronize your herd, so your records will always be up-to-date.

Manage dry-offs, Body Condition Score, record weights, feed purchases, manage animal groups and generate advanced herd reports.



Go Pro this summer for just €60

As always: Farmers asked. We listened!

We know that it can take a few months to truly see the value in an app like Herdwatch. That’s why we have created a starter offer to allow farmers to upgrade to the Pro version of Herdwatch for 6 months for €60.

This offer is available to everyone who is new to Herdwatch or first time users currently on the Free Plan, who want to upgrade.

It also includes free on-boarding sessions by phone, and a no-fuss 30 days money back guarantee.

Click on the button below, or give us a call on 0505 34400.


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