The farm management (R)evolution

Four years ago, we revolutionised the way farmers manage their herd.

With the Herdwatch app, we created an instant success story. Thousands of farmers across Ireland and - later on - the UK joined, and we have gone from strength to strength ever since.

As innovators, we always value the feedback and suggestions from farmers. Last year we asked: "What are the biggest challenges you face on your farm day by day, and how can we help to solve them?"

The response was overwhelming!

The team has been hard at work for the last few months, and today, we are very proud to introduce the next evolution in mobile farm management, addressing 80% of all requests:

herdwatch 5 farming app.png


Version 5 is the biggest and best herdwatch yet! We have implemented over 30 new features, and improved on many exisiting ones. Here is our top 5 pick:


Remedy compliance with a photo


Recording animal remedies is now even simpler and quicker. Just take a photo of the barcode on the medicine box and the information will flow into Herdwatch.

Full compliance. One tap away!


Speed up calf registration


Last year there were over 200,000 calves registered via the herdwatch app. We help to make the busiest time of the year as stress- and error free as possible. All you have to do is scan the barcode on the tag.

Register a calf. In 30 seconds.


Get in control of your breeding with notifications


If getting your cows back in calf is at the core of your business, herdwatch makes this even easier for you. Record your heat observations and serves, and the app will text you when a cow is due to come back into heat.

Improve profitability. Never miss a heat again!


Keep on top of missing tags


Missing Cattle tags is one of the biggest non-compliance reasons during department inspections. herdwatch allows you to record what cattle are missing tags, giving you the best opportunity to get them ordered in time for an inspection. 

Bord Bia Inspections. Now stress free.


Get on top of your animal margins


Managing your costs is key to knowing just how profitable your animals, and indeed your farm is. herdwatch allows you to track your income and expenditure at basic level. You can also get a detailed report of just how profitable a group of animals were and what you spent money on. Quickly record purchase price, feed and medical expenses, and sale price.

The profitability manager. In the palm of your hand.



Now is the best time to (re)discover the herdwatch app to improve farm efficiency, profitabiliy and compliance.



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